Botanical Medicine


Botanical Medicine, also known as herbal medicine, has been used for thousands of  years in various cultures all over the world. As naturopathic physicians we received extensive education and training on the safe use  of various herbs to effectively treat medical conditions.



Homeopathy  is a natural, non-toxic substance prescribed in minute doses. It is  safe to prescribe to any and all patients, including children and  pregnant women. 



Acupuncture  is an ancient Chinese art and science that has been utilized to treat  various ailments and conditions; by helping to restore balance and heal  disease. 

Physical Medicine


Physical medicine consist of physical manipulation, craniosacral therapy, manual muscle testing (Applied Kinesiology), hydrotherapy, and pranic healing. 

Mind Body Medicine


Mind-body, also known as behavioral medicine, focuses on the strong influence emotional health has on physical well-being. We are trained on various holistic approaches to help you obtain balance in your spiritual and physical health. 

Clinical Nutrition Counseling


Nutrition is the pinnacle focus of naturopathic medicine.  What we eat and how we digest, absorb, utilize and excrete food is the naturopathic key to optimal health.