Conditions We Treat

Diabetes Management


Do you struggle with managing your blood sugars (feel tired all the time, crash after eating, food cravings)? We use nutritional and lifestyle counseling in conjunction with herbs and supplementation to help you manage your diabetes. 

Thyroid Disease


Are you tired of not getting answers and results to improve your thyroid function? Are you being told everything is normal, but you still feel tired? We run a comprehensive labs  to fully understand your thyroid health. We help you get results!

Autoimmune Conditions


Autoimmune disease often has a multifactorial cause, whether it stems from a previous infections, environmental toxicity, genetics, and various other causes. By looking at the whole picture we use various angles to address the root cause. 

Gastrointestinal Conditions (GI)


Tired of constantly having to excuse yourself or avoid events due to GI distress? Tired of the discomfort taking a lead on your life? Let us help you find the cause and get your life back! 



Do you struggle managing your blood pressure or cholesterol? We can help you improve your cardiovascular health with clinical nutrition, botanicals, supplementation and other natural ways.

Menstrual Irregularities


Did you know it is not normal to have a heavy painful flow that limits your everyday activities?  Let us help you have the normal easy flow you're meant to have! 

Weight Loss


Have difficulty losing and keeping weight off? We focus on nutritional counseling along with behavioral and lifestyle changes that ensure lasting results. We help you stay accountable to your goals.

Pain Mangement


Is chronic pain hindering your life? Pain can have multiple causes. We evaluate your situation and implement treatments such as acupuncture, cupping, biomodulator, physical manipulation, massage and much more.



Are you feeling sluggish and lack the energy to get through the day? Let us help you do a medically guided cleanse to safely optimize your health and your performance.

Pediatric Naturopathic Care


We treat children starting at birth, from well-child checks to acute and chronic conditions. Help them get a head start in life by learning healthy nutrition and lifestyle patterns. Prevention is the key to good health! We use natural, safe and effective treatments.

Pediatric Behavioral Needs


Has your child been labeled a problem child? Is there a constant battle at school and at home? Is there a discussion of ADHD or ODD? Let us help you improve communication with your child and guide your child and your home back to peace. 

Mental and Emotional Health


Are you struggling with stress, depression, or anxiety and have exhausted your options? Let us help you find balance. There is much more to the physical body, we understand the mind-body connection as it relates to your overall health.