What to Expect During Your Visit

Initial Visit

  • Expect to arrive 30 minutes early if you have not filled out your initial intake paperwork. If you have completed the intake forms, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your visit, to allow for check in. 

  • The length of the appointment will vary depending on the extend of your medical concerns. In the first visit we will conduct a thorough medical intake, perform physical exams, discuss your goals, and provide you with the best individualized treatment plan. 

  • Treatment plans may consist of any of the services we offer. Depending on your medical history and concerns we might perform treatment at your first visit. In complex cases that require current labs/imaging and past medical records*, we will provide treatments at the following visit. 

*If you have an extensive medical history you may provide us with your medical records prior to your visit or contact our office to obtain a medical release form for each of your previous doctors. It is helpful to have a copy of your most recent labs within the last year. This will give us time to review and prepare; and make the best use of our time together.  

Follow-up Visit 

  • At this time we will review labs, provide treatments, and monitor progress of current treatment. We can also discuss new concerns. 

Our Approach

  • Please know you will be heard without judgment and your concerns will be validated. We understand you are the expert in your health and we are the experts in health care. We believe you deserve to be treated as a person and not just as a disease. We fully value your time and hope to give you the experience you deserve. 

Treatment Plans 

  • Whether you receive treatment during your first or follow-up visit our doctors ensure you are part of the process. We take pride in making patient oriented treatment plans. This doesn't only allow our patients to be involved and make informed decisions in their care but it also helps our patients be compliant with treatment. We want our patients to be 100% on board with their care!